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      What Our Clients Say!

      I had success with this, This is going to be one of your best decisions. Simple things but so effective

      Manji Ishaku

      Really enjoying the program, it worth more than the actual cost may the lord bless you sir…

      Oluwaseun Ajayi

      I thought I was a guru till I found you and realized I have a loooong way to go. Your course is really good …and what the actual fuck? …it works!

      King Sihle

      Dear Godson, I must say I am impressed and I like the quality of your work

      Ake Bisola

      Hi Godson, I bought this program of yours on Sunday. The content is really good and I’m excited to implement.

      Eric Haranen

      I bought mine a while back. Ever since then, my ads have been converting. The price is really worth it

      Adetayo O

      Mr. Godson the information given in your course is pure gold! I am working with your methods here in Peru and it’s working; 100% recommended

      Anibal Marketing

      Your training has helped me a lot and the extra free classes wow. Previously I sell 100 pcs in a week, but just yesterday I sold 54 pcs in 1 day

      Omotayo Ruth

      Bought this, implemented, and it was the best thing that happened to me in my journey so far.

      Ada Nwonsu

      Wooooowwww. I do not regret this one bit. I was reluctant at first but thank God I did. This is priceless… you nailed every second of this course back to back

      Uzoamaka Okeke

      Wow…. This course is value overload oooo..

      I’m glad I bought it. Guess what. I thought it was gonna be what I already know before now but hell no …

      Okafor Marycynthia

      Definitely coming to buy all your courses on my dashboard. The results are not just mad but absolutely insane! 

      Emmanuel Ped


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          Frequently Asked Questions

          If you are really making money why teach others?

          If you are asking the question above you’ve got a point (if the organizer is broke)… but for us, Rich People, here are 2 Reasons why…

          #1. THE OBVIOUS – we make money off it. There’s no lying about it, though I argue that for the most part… we don’t do it for the money but for…
          #2. LEGACY – What money can’t buy. Once money stops being a problem, you will want something more and that is… making a difference in people’s lives.
          Happily, I’ve been at that point for some time now.

          When can I start earning?

          This program is designed to help you start earning in as early as 2 weeks! It is up to you to take advantage of the resources, implement… 

          How can I get support?

          You’ll also get lifetime access to our Mentorship & Community Support group so you can have me and my team as well as other community members look over your shoulders and help you when you need it …in real time!

          What Am I getting?

          You’ll be getting:

          5 Complete Exclusive Courses (Weekly) – Value: $5,000
          Lifetime access to support group – Value: Priceless! (…at least $20K)
          Pro. Sales funnel templates – Value $2,500
          Exclusive Sales letter (Copywriting) template – Value: $2,500
          4-day email follow-up sequence templates – Value $700
          45% Cloudways hosting discount – Value: Unlimited!
          Facebook Ads Copy Templates – Value $500
          Swipefiles & Cheat sheets – Value: $1,000
          TOTAL PROGRAM VALUE: $32,200

          What happens after I pay?

          Immediately after you complete your payment. An email will be sent to you containing your login details to access your training videos for weeks 1 – 5.

          You’ll also receive an invite to join our private Dollar Journey™ support community.