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This Article Reveals A Breakthrough Method For Getting 7 – 10 Well Paying Clients/Projects Every Month

Discover How To –

Get more clients in a month than you did the whole of last year

Earn more money so you can enjoy true financial freedom

Become a celebrity and gain recognition in your niche

A Lady’s Letter Read (in part)…

“I learned website design, and can build fantastic looking websites but I don’t get steady projects

My prospects don’t recognize that a website is important for their business 

When we are talking about the project, and I tell them my price, their reaction changes then they say they want to think about it.

Most times, I never hear back from them”

I get several emails like that each day…

And if you are honest with yourself,

She’s not alone… 

Hers was website design 

Yours may be Graphics, Copywriting, Photography, Car sales, Branding, or something else I forgot to mention. 

You spent your time, money, and resources in learning a skill 

A skill you believed was in high demand 

But now you can see that it seems otherwise 

If not with your eyes, at least from your bank account balance. 

And even when you make money, it is not the type of money you want…

As you read this, you are desperate…

You need a way out of this limitation

A way to regularly get well-paying projects

So that you can have reliable income (monthly)

If that sounds like you…

Now, Pay Close Attention Because I Want To Share With You An Unusual Way To Get Big Customers

Are you ready?

Imagine this scenario.

What if you suddenly got more projects than you can handle alone in a month (…every month)?

What if every one of those projects is high ticket… from clients who value your work?

What if you suddenly became a recognized celebrity in your niche?

Sound like a stretch?

I used to think so too…

Until it happened to me.

I used this unusual method to become one of the most sought-after and highest-paid digital marketing consultant in the country.

I also used it to acquire over 4,000 paying customers in more than 80 countries for my marketing education service business in just 18 months.

What made the difference for me?

The 7G Framework

And I am about to tell you about it.

But I must warn you

Once you experience it there is no going back

Your lack of customers would be a thing of the past

Juicy projects would become the order of the day

You’d have more money, freedom, and confidence to do the things you secretly desire:

I don’t know what that is for you…

  • Maybe you want to buy a fancy car
  • Maybe you want to move out of your parent’s house
  • Maybe you want to take better care of your family
  • Or maybe you want to go on holiday to Dubai

Whatever it is… The 7G method can make it possible.

Listen… when I started my first business in the early 2,000s.

I didn’t know how I would get clients

So I submitted tons of proposals,

I made hundreds of cold calls,

Yet I could barely sustain myself with the projects I got.

So I Decided To Try Other Kinds Of Money-Making Business…

And of course I did

Especially Forex because…

I now hated “selling”

I wanted to make money without having to speak to a single soul.

I felt prospects were too wicked

Why do they stop responding to calls/text?

Why do they say I’d get back to you?

Why do they haggle prices this much?

Why do they owe outstanding balances?

The funny thing was…

None of the other businesses worked as well.

Including the Forex trading

(That one left a hole in my pocket)

I hated my life.

It felt like I was cursed.

If I wasn’t, why was nothing working? 

Or maybe the “entrepreneurship” thing wasn’t for me

To be sincere I almost gave up but because I have a knack to

Not give up…

I kept searching for a way out,

After many months of research and…

I should mention, several “trial by errors”

I discovered what I’m about to show you –

It’s an Unusual way to get customers fast.

With This You Don’t Need To Look For Customers, They Look For You

There are 2 reasons why you shouldn’t look for customers

First, Clients that pay big money are often very rich

And getting access to them is difficult

For the ordinary man (without connections or referrals)

Except of course they reach-out to you

Another reason is that…

When you look for customers you are at their “mercy”

But when they look for you

You are in control …of the terms.

That was the position I wanted to be in

And you should too.

With the 7G method,

I could attract the type of clients I wanted

So once I discovered it

I made up my mind to try it

On my already dying website design business

To my greatest surprise…

The results were instantaneous

In 24 hours, I received over 200 requests from prospects in different states 

And other countries; South Africa, Ghana, and Canada to name a few.

I lived in a remote town in Delta State at that time but…

I never had to leave my house.

I never saw these prospects face to face.

But some of them converted and paid handsomely.

That was when I got my first $5,000 project to build a simple website.

Months later, I was able to move to Lagos, get a fancy house in a decent environment, bought 2 good cars, got married, had a child and the rest is history.

Now, I don’t believe in overnight success

But if you remove my many months of toiling in ignorance…

…This success was pretty much overnight!

That is what the 7G Framework will do for you when you use it.

You don’t need 1 week to know that it is working once you apply it.

And you can discover it today inside my brand new course…

The Customer Acquisition ENGINE™

I documented the exact steps I used to acquire customers into a simple video course anyone can follow

Inside you’ll discover…

  • How to get customers to look for you…regardless of your price. So you can do your best work without bothering about money.
  • 3 ways to find customers without spending a dime on ads. So you can start even if you have zero budget for Advertising.
  • 3 Templates for creating social media marketing posts that help get you to attract strangers and their money
  • How to create Facebook Adverts for your business and get big prospects. So you can scale your business on-demand.
  • How to speak persuasively on a sales call/chat and answer prospects who say “I’ll get back to you”. So you can convert more leads to customers.
  • The strategy I used to become popular in the highly competitive digital marketing industry for free so you too can become a celebrity in your niche.
  • And lots lots more.

What Does It Cost?

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Use The ​7G Framework to get more clients in a month than you did the whole of last year so you can enjoy true financial freedom.

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I wasn’t planning on putting any testimonials for this report up, since it’s so inexpensive and sells itself so well. But these were just too great to not post here:

What Our Clients Say!

I had success with this, This is going to be one of your best decisions. Simple things but so effective

Manji Ishaku

Really enjoying the program, it worth more than the actual cost may the lord bless you sir…

Oluwaseun Ajayi

I thought I was a guru till I found you and realized I have a loooong way to go. Your course is really good …and what the actual fuck? …it works!

King Shile

Dear Godson, I must say I am impressed and I like the quality of your work

Ake Bisola

Hi Godson, I bought this program of yours on Sunday. The content is really good and I’m excited to implement.

Eric Haranen

Mr. Godson the information given in your course is pure gold! I am working with your methods here in Peru and it’s working; 100% recommended

Anibal Marketing

Bought this, implemented, and it was the best thing that happened to me in my journey so far.

Ada Nwonsu

Wooooowwww. I do not regret this one bit. I was reluctant at first but thank God I did. This is priceless… you nailed every second of this course back to back

Uzoamaka Okeke

Definitely coming to buy all your courses on my dashboard. The results are not just mad but absolutely insane! 

Emmanuel Ped

For me, this the best deal of the year! Halfway into the course, I couldn’t help but think that the price charged is no where near the real value of this course.

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I just finished watching the training. It is worth more than the money. Even the training I paid $350 for (now $400) didn’t go into details like this.

Nafisat Adewumi Azeez

I had my doubts but after subscribing. I can’t believe how he came about the techniques. It’s GOLD. You reach more customers for way less.

Nwabueze Okoye

Get This Video Course for Just $50

$50 | Retail: $197 | Save 75%

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Get This Video Course For Just $50

$50 | Retail: $197K | Save 75%

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