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High-Ticket Client Acquisition Framework

How To Attract Top-Dollar Leads And Sell Expensive Products And Services Online Without… Sending Dozens Of Proposals, Or Wasting Money On Ads. So You Can Enjoy…

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Your Clients Are Difficult To Target

If you sell or want to sell goods or services with high-end prices, you know your clients make up a small percentage of people in the world

Maybe the top 10%, and in some cases the top 5%

Getting through to them can be painfully difficult

It’s like searching for a needle in a haystack

Most of your advertising efforts will pull in a bunch of “unqualified” leads

Who are not concerned 1 bit about what you are selling 

And in many cases, do not even have the resources to buy

They might schedule calls, fill up your calendar, and never show up

I’ve been there…

I understand perfectly how painful it is to waste your time waiting for “Mr. Zombie” to show up for a call they scheduled or respond to an email

That was the bitter lesson running my own business taught me at the start

I was utterly frustrated and I needed a way out fast

I continued to battle with this issue for months until I decided to study how high class clients behave… I started searching for patterns.

How do they think?

What interests them?

What are their main sources of information?

Only until I found answers to these and several other questions was I able to put an end to the torment of following-up with hundreds of unqualified leads

But it wasn’t simple…

It took me tons of research, study, and practice to eventually nail elite lead generation to the “T”

After applying the strategies I’m about to share with you 

I generated over 200 high quality leads in 24 hours and landed my first $5,000 gig as far back as 2017!

And I have distilled my hard-won secrets into a brand new course I’ve titled…


The Client Acquisition ENGINE™

What my students like to call the LeadElite system because…

It’s a short-cut for anyone who needs to generate qualified leads fast to sell high-ticket offers.

You see, you don’t need to generate hundreds or thousands of leads… except you’re running a very large enterprise

What you need are a handful to HIGH-QUALITY individuals who give you permission to sell your goods, or services to them

And it’s a lot easier to reach them online now… if you know how to “hack” the ad platforms to give you what you want

Don’t know how to do that? That’s why I created the Customer Acquisition ENGINE. 

To walk anyone step-by-step into harvesting 5-star leads on-demand

Come with me, let me show you just a fraction of what you’ll get inside:

Listen to me, selling a few top-dollar projects, property, products, is what will cure your financial anxiety and free you from the burden of credit card debts


And you can start doing that now, especially if you have the Customer Acquisition ENGINE™ in your arsenal.


I know you can’t wait to get your hands on this system and might already be asking… 


How You Can Get Your Copy but before I tell you how, I want to spice this up with some really cool bonuses


Special Bonuses

BONUS #1 - THE Exponential Trust Effect

Reveals a simple framework to become famous and respected fast in any industry on a low budget and get tons of sales, speaking engagements, and high-ticket consulting offers as a direct side effect

VALUE: $50

BONUS #2 - Story Ad Template/Explainer

A special Facebook ads template and companion explainer video that shows you how to create ads that creates brand loyalty and increases buying intent even with small ad budgets

VALUE: $50

What Does It Cost?

What does this cost… or rather… What is it worth?

That was real question…

Let me ask you again:

What is this system worth to you?

A system that can help you –

  • Make more money while doing less work
  • Enjoy more freedom and
  • Free you from sending endless proposals

It’s got to be worth a lot to you, I guess.

It should be expensive.

At the bare minimum, we should price this for $1,000

Afterall, 1 high-ticket project from this technique will cover the fee for this course…

And leave you with some cool profits

But you won’t pay anything close to that today…

I target to sell this for $197

…But you can get it today at an extra 82.74% savings if you order today

Click the button to claim your offer today before it closes!


What People Are Saying About My Courses

1,500+ testimonials, all look like this...

Improvement In Revenue

I was skeptical at first, but the Client Acquisition Engine course exceeded all my expectations. I’ve seen a significant improvement in my revenue, and I credit it to this guide. Thank you for helping me make more money!

Nora A. - United States

A Wave Of Magic

This works so well. I implemented the first 3 frameworks last weekend for a test. I didn't check my email throughout, checked on Monday and I already got several top quality projects in the inbox. Honestly, I didn't expect it to work but it did. it's like a wave of magic from a genius!

Philip D. - United Kingdom

Best Deal Of The Year

For me, this the best deal of the year! Halfway into the course, I couldn't help but think that the price charged is no where near the real value of this course.

Anthony O. - Nigeria

It Works

Mr. Godson the information given in your course is pure gold! I am working with your methods here in Peru and it's working; 100% recommended.

Annibal M. - Peru


Here's Why You Should Start Using This Today

The Client Acquisition ENGINE™ Will Help You Put An End To Your Money Anxiety And Worries In Days... So You Can Enjoy Financial Stability And Peace Of Mind

More Money

Exceed your monthly income goals with a continuous supply of high-paying clients without wasting money on ads

Less Work

You don’t need many gigs. You can now work less but earn more from a few top-dollar projects

Easy Sales

Clients that come using this framework are easier to close. No pressure selling. No dead-silence. No “I’ll get back to you”

More Freedom

With fewer gigs to deliver, you'd have more free time to spend doing the things you love

What inside the Course?

Client Acquisition Engine™

Proven frameworks to attract a truckload of top-dollar clients ...with noticeable results in just 7 days

Get customers to look for you regardless of your price
3 ways to get customers without running Ads
Paid ads secrets to generate tons of high-quality leads
3 Social Media Tactics to attract new clients daily
Proven sales closing secrets for sales calls and chats
How to use SM to gain brand recognition & trust

Over 10,000 copies sold

Claim Your Special 82.74% Discount Today

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HD Video 1080p


13 Modules







Who Is This For?

What kind of services business does this work for?

Website Designers

Website designers can find $1,000 - $5,000+ website design or funnel design projects using this approach


Easily attract businesses in need of software development, web & mobile application with top-dollar budgets


Get 5-figure + royalty copywriting gigs. Spend less time looking for clients, and more time writing.


Graphics designers, photographers, realtors, contractors, and other related service based businesses can begin to attract top-dollar projects using the techniques covered in this course.

WARNING: Time of The Essence!

If you like what you’ve read so far and you think your business can benefit from my unique techniques, then place your order without hesitation because the 82.74% discount offer closes soon. (*This is not a scare tactic, I mean that)


More Feedback From Students

1,500+ testimonials, all look like this...

I reach more customers

I had my doubts but after subscribing. I can’t believe how you came about the techniques. It’s GOLD. I reach more customers for way less.

Okoye N. - United Kingdom

I had success with this

I had success with this, This is going to be one of your best decisions. Simple things but so effective

Manji Ishaku - France

Really good content

Hi Godson, I bought this program of yours on Sunday. The content is really good and I’m excited to implement.

Eric Haranen - Belgium

It's the best thing that happened to me

Bought this, implemented, and it was the best thing that happened to me in my journey so far.

Ada N. - United States

You Love It OR Keep It Free

I want your mind to be at peace when you order today. So order your copy, try it out for 30 days, and if you are unable to get high-quality leads – and my support is unable to help you, just write to us at [email protected] and we will send you your money back. We’ll even let you keep the course and bonuses.

With our love it or keep it free guarantee you can’t lose!

About Your Tutor

Godson Okorodudu

Godson is an alumnus of Y Combinator SUS, San-Francisco, California, USA. A serial entrepreneur and a respected digital marketing consultant.

Some of his trainings have gained global acceptance & prominence among elite marketers and advertisers in the last few years - Especially His Facebook Targeting Hack and Reverse Realty Advertising Techniques



Client Acquisition ENGINE™

Get all the frameworks to attract a truckload of high-ticket clients ...with noticeable results in just 7 days